Live Downtown FAQs for Employees


Q: Who is eligible for Live Downtown funding?

A: Live Downtown programs are open to employees of Compuware Corporation, DTE Energy, Marketing Associates, Quicken Loans and Strategic Staffing Solutions.   Employees should check with their respective human resources department specific eligibility requirements.

Q: What is the geographic coverage of Live Downtown?

A: Live Downtown includes the neighborhoods of Downtown, Midtown (includes Cass Park and Brush Park), Woodbridge, Corktown, Eastern Market and Lafayette Park.  Live Downtown operates in the area which is generally bounded by the perimeter of the clockwise route defined by I94 East, I75 South, Mack East, St. Aubin South, the Detroit River West, 14th Street North, Martin Luther King Boulevard East, and Rosa Parks North.  A detailed map is available on www.DetroitLiveDowntown.org; click on the “Boundaries” tab.

Q: How long will the program last?

A: The program may be renewed and refunded annually.  Funds will be will be made available to qualified applicants on a first come first served basis.

Q: Who administers the program for my employer?

A: The program is administered by the Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP). * The program for Quicken Loans employees is handle in house at Quicken Loans.

Q: Can I buy a home and rent it out, and still receive Live Downtown funding toward the purchase?

A: No, the home must be your primary residence. An exception to this is a two-unit residence, such as a duplex. If you purchase the residence and live in one unit and rent the other unit, you would be eligible to receive Live Downtown funding toward the purchase of the home.

Q: How can I find out about properties to buy or rent that are located in Downtown?

A: Start by visiting www.DetroitLiveDowntown.org, and click on the “Sample Properties” tab to see a selection of properties in the area. This may not be a complete guide, however. If you are interested in renting, contact the building manager or owner for information. If you are interested in purchasing a property, consider working with a licensed real estate broker who is familiar with the Downtown area.

Q:  If a property I am interested in is not listed on the website, but falls within the boundaries of the program can I still live there and take advantage of the incentive program?

A: Yes.  The property may require a site visit, if DDP is unfamiliar with the property.

Q:  If the property I am interested in is just outside the boundaries of the program can an exception be made?

A: Unfortunately, no.  The property must be within the designated boundaries.

Q: Where can I find detailed information about this program and the rules and regulations associated with it?

A: Carefully review the Live Downtown guidelines. Log on to www.DetroitLiveDowntown.org, and click on the “Guidelines” tab.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Application information may be found on the Live Downtown website. Log on to www.DetroitLiveDowntown.org, click on the “Apply Here” tab, and scroll down to the logo that matches your employer and click. Employees of Quicken Loans can contact Rachel or Najee to gain access to the application (rachel@livedetroit.info or najee@livedetroit.info).

Q: Where do I turn in my application?

A: Submit your completed application package including tax disclosure form to your human resource representative.

Q: How I can I get more information or the answer to a question not addressed here?

A: For more information about Live Downtown, log onto www.DetroitLiveDowntown.org.   From there you can click on the “Contact” tab to submit your question. Employees of Quicken Loans can contact Rachel or Najee to gain access to the application (rachel@livedetroit.info or najee@livedetroit.info).

Q: Can I share information about Live Downtown with my friends and family?

A: Yes, please spread the word about Live Downtown with people you know, especially those who are interested in working for one of the participating employers and want to live in the greater downtown.


Rental Specific:

Q:  If my roommate and I both work for one of the participating institutions can we both apply for the incentive program?

A:  No. Only one application can be submitted per residential unit.

Q:  Is a credit assessment required to participate in the rental program?

A:  No, a credit assessment is not required for program eligibility.  The property in which you look to rent may require a credit assessment.  Please check with the property regarding this.

Q:  Is there a deadline for submitting my application? 

A:  It is required you submit your application within 45 days prior to signing or renewing your lease.  Properties must be approved by DDP prior to signing of a lease.

Q:  If I currently participate in an income restricted rent subsidy program, can I still participate in the Live Downtown program?

A:  Yes, you can still participate in the program if you receive another form of rental assistance.

Q:  If the lease is not in my name but I work for one of the participating institutions, can I still apply for the program?

A:  No, the lease must be in your name in order to qualify for the program.

Q:  Do the checks go to me or my property manager?

A:  The checks will be sent directly to your property manager.

Q:  Will the total amount of the subsidy be mailed to my landlord at once?

A:  The total amount you qualify for will be divided into four payments and sent to your landlord every three months over the course of twelve months.

Q:  How will the subsidy be applied to my rent?

A:  You and your landlord should determine how to apply the funds toward your rent.

Q:  Can I apply for the program if my lease is month-to-month?

A:  No.  A 12-month commitment is required.


Purchase Program & Exterior Renovation Program

Q: Can I participate in the purchase program and the exterior renovation program at the same time?

A: No.  Exterior renovation projects must include property purchased prior to the launch of Live Downtown.

Q:  Do HUD homes qualify for the incentive program?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Do I have to pay back any of the money provided through the program?

A:  The purchase program offers a forgivable loan which does not need to be paid back as long as you live in the property as your primary residence and remain employed by your participating employer for five years.  Repayment information is provided in the program guidelines if you decide to vacate the property or if you are no longer an employee of one of the designated companies before the required five years has expired.

Q:  Is a credit assessment required to participate in the purchase program?

A:  No. Live Downtown does not require a credit assessment; however other lending sources may require one.

Q:  If I want to purchase a property with two units in it, can I live in one and rent out the other?

A:  Yes.  You must make one unit your primary residence and rent the other unit.

Q: Does the property I purchase have to be move-in ready?

A: The property does need to be in fair condition.  If the property does require work, it will be subject to review by Live Downtown staff.

Q:  Upon submitting my application do I need to have a property already picked out for purchase?

A:  Yes.  In order for us to preapprove you for the program we need to know what property you are interested in purchasing.